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Wellness Testing for Dogs


Despite the significant quantity of information a complete physical exam gives us, there are certain illnesses and abnormalities that will only be uncovered by laboratory analysis of blood samples. This is often especially true in the earlier stages of certain diseases, before your pet shows any outward signs of being ill. Catching many illnesses before they show outward signs often greatly improves our chances of getting a better prognosis.

The body has many mechanisms for compensating for decreases in organ function and it’s often not until these are overwhelmed that your pet will actually show any changes that make you suspect they are not well. A classic example of this would be renal or kidney failure; it is not until 60 – 70% of the functional capacity of the kidneys has gone that pets will show any signs of kidney failure.

The value of “all normal” blood testing is also great. Not just in terms of peace of mind and confidence moving forward, but also as a baseline to compare to in the future.

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