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Understanding Bloodwork for Cats


Lab analysis of blood samples is frequently a vital part of the diagnostic process. It allows us to gain insight into the function of various organs and body systems, as well as allowing us to determine various imbalances that need to be corrected as part of our treatment plan.

Blood tests can be very specific, for example we can test for the presence of antigens to Feline Leukemia as evidence that the body has been exposed to that virus. More commonly though our blood tests, especially early in the diagnostic process, are more general, looking at organ function and body systems as a way to determine which areas are affected and to what degree.

Screening blood tests generally include two components; the complete blood count (CBC) and serum biochemistry.

The CBC looks at the cells in the blood, and the serum biochemistry looks at enzymes, electrolytes and other elements that are transported by the blood.

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