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Flea Control And Prevention For Dogs


Once the snow clears and we have a few days of temperatures consistently above zero, the “flea season” in Toronto officially begins!

At the start of every flea season, the number of fleas, eggs and larvae in the environment are fairly low. However as summer progresses, the rapid reproductive cycle of these parasites means that population rapidly grows. This population growth continues until we have sub zero temperatures on a daily basis again. This is why we see a peak of flea infestations and flea related illness in the fall, the flea population in general is peaking at this time. This in turn is why it is very important to remember to continue flea prevention into the start of winter.

For dog owners flea prevention is often included in the product used to prevent Heartworm. Remember however that the flea season can start as early as April and continue into December, so you will likely need some kind of protection for fleas both before and after the typical 6 months of Heartworm prevention.

For more information on fleas and dogs, Click Here.


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