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Euthanasia, When Is It Time?


Sadly, as all pet owners know, for the beloved cats and dogs in our lives, even a long and full lifetime seems too short. When faced with serious illness or injury, or as our pets reach the end of their normal life expectancy, many pet owners will be faced with considering the possibility of humane euthanasia.

As a veterinary care team, we are often told by our friends and clients that this is a part of our jobs they simply could never bring themselves to do. While it is without doubt the most difficult part of our work, we do view humane euthanasia as a sacred responsibility. In a way, we are privileged to be charged with the responsibility of being able to bring a peaceful, painless and dignified end to suffering in our pets. It is a role we take very seriously and truly believe that it can and should be considered the ultimate selfless act of true love.

There is no one set of answers to the question, “when is it time?”, each individual deserves separate consideration. We will be more than happy to discuss openly any specific indicators in your pets case that it may be time to consider euthanasia for their sake.There are some obvious indicators such as unmanageable pain or nausea, but in some cases the signs are not so obvious. The most important thing to consider is your pet’s quality of life. In a way, you are the best judge of this, as you will know better than anyone what makes a day in your pet’s life a good one. We will gladly help you make a list of the things you can look for to help make an objective assessment of your own pet’s quality of life. Having a clearer sense of this will be helpful when that difficult time does arrive.

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